June is Mental Health Awareness Month and each June we have  workshop to talk about and learn how to tackle this very imporatant topic to guide our faith and help us walk through our mental health Journey with a deep connection to God by our side.  

Our workshops are lead by Midwest Compassion Ministry (click here to see what they are all about).  With their professional experts and counselors and endlesss resources they have provided great informaiton and guidance to many here in the greater Dayton area.  Please visit their page and donate to support the great work they are doing. 

The resources we have on this page come from Midwest Compassion Ministry and what they have shared with us.  

We hope you will join us this June for another amazing Mental Health Workshop. 


See our Resoucres from previous workshops below, feel free to download.  For more resources again, we highly encourage you to check out MidwestCompassionMinistry.com/